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Slimming Massages

Slim Therapy Method - Florence Laval

In line with a holistic approach to preserving your figure and leaving a lasting improvement in the quality of your skin, Florence has developed the Slim Therapy Method, a comprehensive five-week slimming support program.

The Slim Therapy Method is a program designed to energize your body, to help lipolysis and  to decongest clogged zones. This program motivates you and amplifies your own efforts.

Sculpt your figure, drain your toxins and smoothen your skin!

This method is inspired by the four values ​​of the Florence Laval Studio: excellence, a holistic approach, an alliance and complementarity of techniques and the personalization of care.

The program is 100% natural and offers a listening, supervision and counselling.
Belly Sculpting
Session 45 min - 70
Package 10 sessions 45 min - 650

Belly and Legs  Drain & Sculpt
Session 60 min - 90
Package 10 sessions 60 min - 790

Full body Drain & Sculpt
Session 75 min - 110
Package 10 sessions 75 min - 990

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Leduc' s Method

The manual lymphatic drainage stimulates and facilitates the lymph flow. This technique aims to drain excess liquids and to clear toxins from the body. It relieves heavy legs and enhances the immune system. The massage is performed via soft, slow and regular pressure on the area to be treated.

We recommend at least one session per week in order to activate the benefits of the treatment.

Session  60 min - 90 €

Lymphatic Drainage
Renata França' s Method

Innovative and revolutionary method of lymphatic drainage created by the Brazilian therapist Renata França. This technique combines firm pressure and fast rhythm with pumpings and exclusive maneuvers, altogether producing immediate results.. This drainage, performed on the whole body, activates lymphatic and blood circulation,  and then boosts a complex network of vessels which transport fluids throughout the body. This treatment reduces the dreaded cellulite, eliminates the swelling of fluid retention, detoxifies the body, relieves heavy legs, deflates the belly, improves transit, promotes weight loss, ultimately bringing you a feeling of complete well-being.

Session  75 min - 125 €
Cure of 5 sessions  75 min - 575 €
"Body & Face Drainage" session 105 min - 170 €

Shaping Massage
Renata França' s Method

This treatment offers a manual massage technique, the main characteristic of which is the application of vigorous, rapid and firm movements all over the body. This massage has surprising results because it has been designed to shape adipocytes, that is to say to move fat to the right place and thus give more contour to the body. Kneading, pinching and sliding are some of the maneuvers that promise to give new shapes to the body and ensure a sculpted silhouette.

Session  75 min - 125 €
Cure of 5 sessions 75 min - 575 €

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