Discover our beauty tools to complete your rituals  !!

Daily use of the roller  provides extra nourishment to your skin, by stimulating the absorption of your skin care products (serum, cream…). It stimulates the drainage of toxins and alleviates puffiness under the eyes. No more difficult mornings!!

The Guasha  is a small, easy-to-use tool, applied in combination with specific massage techniques that are performed daily to stimulate tissue regeneration to firm and tone the oval shape of the face, lift the cheekbones, to smooth fine lines and soften deep wrinkles, to enhance microcirculation and to stimulate the eliminations of the toxins. You can book an individual session at the studio or order the video online to learn how to use the guasha correctly,

Renowned for its calming, anti-aging and energetic properties, these genuine rose quartz stones are woven to create a soothing eye mask .  This mask improves blood circulation, reduces dark circles and puffiness, stimulates cell metabolism, relaxes facial muscles, boosting the release of toxins.

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