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Facials by Silvina
My name is Silvina and I am a passionate beautician. I have several years of experience in the beauty world and I have worked in 5*spa hotels and a very high level beauty salon in Amstelveen with the latest technologies and treatments.

Recently, I created my own brand Fitt Skinzz combining Beauty and health for a better lifestyle. A beautiful skin is a happy skin and I will help you achieve Skin Happiness.

Discover FittSknizz:

At Fitt Skinzz we believe that a beautiful skin is a healthy skin. We can recognize a healthy skin from far. It looks glowing, fresh and happy. A beautiful skin starts with a strong foundation from within.

We are used to treating and rejuvenating the skin from the outside, but that alone is not enough. At Fitt Skinzz we believe that if we want to have a healthy skin we have to work from the inside and outside. As a beautician, I believe that the secret of a healthy skin we can find it in the nature.

The products of Vinoble cosmetics only contain 100% vegan ingredients from the grape. OPC extracted 20x stronger than vitamin C, resveratrol withantioxidant ensures an increase in the collagen production for the skin, grape stem cells protects against UV-stress and grape seed oil is a rich Vitamin E and OPC strong antioxidants that fight free radicals and restore collagen at the cellular level. Without harmful additives and completely free of animal testing.

The products are unisex and can be used on any skin type. For the inside we work with supplements from cellics. In our busy lives and daily routine, Cellics supplements are a godsend gift, because it is very easy to use and very simple to add to your daily routine. This will act as a relief and improvement for a beautifulhealthy skin and lifestyle.

Find more information:  

Facials Vino Therapy  - Session  30 min - 45 €
Ritual, cleansing, scrub or peeling, deep cleaning or facial massages and mask

Facials Vino Therapy - Session 60 min - 87 €
Ritual, cleansing, scrub or peeling, deep cleaning, facial massage with serum and creammask
Facials Vino Therapy - Session 90 min - 145 €
Ritual, cleansing, scrub or peeling, deep cleansing, concentrated cocktail, facial massage, eye care, and a special mask
Face Sculpting & Led Light Therapy - Session 60 min - 80 €

LED light therapy including mask - Session  60 min - 80 €

Body waxing for men and woman

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