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The Face Yoga Program

A real workout for your face and muscles!

What exactly is The Face Yoga Program ?

The Face Yoga Program is a workout program wicht able to release tensions, created by your facial expressions and build the muscles that are not activated. This program also promotes better blood and lymphatic circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Face Yoga will have an action on:
● expression lines
● sagging skin
● loss of volume on the face muscles
● retention (bags under the eyes, double chin ...)
● skin problems (redness, acnea…)
the radiance of the skin

How does the program work?

You learn 3 new exercises every week.
Five sessions of 90 minutes, once a week.
At the end of the five sessions, when all the muscles in your face are activated, you will receive a routine tailored specifically to your face.

Your engagement

  1. Take twice a day 10 minutes to perform your exercises.
  2. Once a week, take 30 minutes to perform all the exercises.
  3. Take a photo of yourself before starting the program, a front photo and profile. These will allow us to analyze your face and give you better advice.
  4. Take a photo after the five sessions in exactly the same position, same lighting . This will allow us to see results and guide you for future progress.
  5. Don’t miss your session! It is important to create a routine. If you miss a lesson, it will be possible to take an individual session with extra payment.

This is how we motivate you to follow the program and achieve your goals!


Online course :
Individual lessons
Lesson  60 min - 65 €
Face Yoga Program 5 lessons - 325 €

Group lessons (5 persons maximum)
Face Yoga Program 5 lessons - 150 €

Invest in your beauty, confidence and health!

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