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The Team

Florence Laval is a trained physiotherapist, happy mother of four and the founder of Florence Laval Studio, which  opened its doors in February 2020 in The Hague, Netherlands.

For several years now, she has noticed in her salons in Belgium, in Brittany, Paris and in The Hague, a growing demand from clients for non-intrusive and painless rejuvenation methods. Determined to offer them the best of available cutting-edge techniques, she has sought to train herself in the most innovative and most efficient natural lifting techniques which will keep you looking your best whilst maintaining your original features.
In 2016, she experienced a “revelation” when she discovered the art of Kobido®. She had the great privilege of being trained in this ancestral beauty ritual by Dr. Shogo Mochizuki, master of the 26th generation and heir to the Maison Kobido®. To date, only about 50 practitioners are trained in the art of Kobido® in France and Florence is currently the only practitioner to practice this art in the Netherlands.
Over the years, she has kept abreast with the newest and most efficient facial massage techniques and have continually added new strings to her bow. In her salons in Paris and in the Hague, she practices Face Sculpting®, Guasha, HinokiBò and many others. She has also developed body massage techniques that offer slimming and therapeutic properties including an exclusive and holistic slimming method: the Slim Therapy Method.

She has used her passion and expertise in these different manual massage techniques to create three exclusive Florence Laval® Signature Massages. The massages bring you the best of each technique and tailor them to your needs and your body.

They combine 4 essential values that are important to her and which illustrate her quest for the total well-being of the people who come to see her:​
a holistic approach restoring a harmony between body and mind,
an alliance and complementarity of techniques,
personalization of care.
With the objective facilitating the passage of time and to offer more people easy access to these natural anti-aging techniques, she is happy and proud to announce that there are now new members joined her team. They both share her passion and has trained each one personally, ensuring their total expertise in all techniques and guaranteeing the continued quality of all Florence Laval® Signature Massages.

Leslie Léa Dumas is a naturopath, a yoga and meditation teacher and an energy healer. She is passionate about health and wellness and combines her knowledge of the organism, the body, the mind and the energy fields to offer a holistic and personalized support toward the best version of yourself.

Naturopathy is the traditional western medicine. It is one of the 3 traditional medicines recognized by the World Health Organisation. It has been shaped by an ancestral collection of empirical knowledge on the functioning of the human body which is today confirmed by science. It is the knowledge of natural techniques' s use to reclaim or maintain health on all levels.

Naturopathy assumes that our bodies have the inner capacity to reach a balanced state of being when it is troubled if we give it proper time & conditions to do so.

A naturopath is a health educator whose work consists of empowering you through specific and personalized guidances to be able to maintain yourself in a state of harmony.

The eldest of three children and of a deeply hospitable nature, Anna Mykhailova grew up with an innate sense of caring for her loved ones. In Ukraine, where she was born, women are taught, from an early age, to dedicate special attention to their beauty. Anna has always been passionate about everything related to the radiance and health of the skin and body.

When Florence introduced her to Led Light Therapy, Anna was instantly seduced.  This New Generation, non-intrusive and painless therapy provides undeniable results: the skin regains its radiance and hydration, fine lines are reduced in particular around the eyes, acne is attenuated, stretch marks start to fade. Plastic surgery, be afraid !

Seduced by the magic of Led Light Therapy and enthusiastic about transmitting it, Anna embarks on a new adventure by joining the Forence Laval Studio team in March 2020. She is now our leading therapist for Led Light Therapy and also practices our Slim Therapy
slimming massages and workshops.

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