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Slimming Massages

Slim Therapy Method - Florence Laval

In line with a holistic approach to preserving your figure and leaving a lasting improvement in the quality of your skin, Florence has developed the Slim Therapy Method, a program designed to energize your body, to help lipolysis and  to decongest clogged zones. This program motivates you and amplifies your own efforts. Sculpt your figure, drain your toxins and smoothen your skin!

This method is inspired by the four values of the Florence Laval Studio: excellence, a holistic approach, an alliance and complementarity of techniques and the personalization of care.

The program is 100% natural and offers a listening, supervision and counselling.
Holistic slimming program

Package 10 massages of 60 min
800 €
2 Ayurvedic consultations
200 €

Slimming Massages
Session 30 min -   50
Session 45 min -   70
Session 60 min -   85
Session 75 min - 100

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