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Face Massages
Florence Laval® Signature
Natural Facelift

A powerful "shock therapy" that restores radiance and skin tone to give you an instant, natural facelift. This treatment is ideal if you want to look younger using effective, non-invasive 100% natural alternatives to surgery or cosmetic medicine. The treatment commences with a blissful head and shoulder massage that guarantees instant relaxation, and follows with a combination of the best manual anti-aging massage techniques. Combined, synchronized, precise and gentle movements oxygenate your tissues and stimulate your facial muscles to lift your face and smoothen expression lines.

Session  60 min - 125 € *
Session  30 min - 65 €

* Exclusive care by Florence Laval
Authentic Kobido ®

Give your face a lift and rejuvenate with this ancestral ritual, born in the Imperial Court of Japan in the 15th century. This exclusive massage technique, performed by Florence’s dancing hands, restores firmness and radiance to your face.  The pressure exerted on the acupuncture points activate the circulation of your vital energy, generating beneficial effects on the whole body. Your skin is truly smoothened and regains the beauty of a baby’s skin.

Florence is privileged to be one of only 50 facial therapists trained in Kobido® in Europe and the only practitioner in the Netherlands. learn more

Session  60 min - 125 € *

* Exclusive care by Florence Laval
Face Sculpting ®

Say bye-bye to botox with the Face Lifting® massage.

Deep massage techniques to the face and décolleté give your muscles a deep stretch and sculpt the face. Includes a new and revolutionary intra and extra buccal massage. A real facial gymnastics session that will leave an immediately noticeable, deep lifting effect. This treatment will enchant you if you are looking to re-plump the area around your mouth, your lips and your naso-labial folds, and maintain and restore a perfectly lifted and drawn oval of the face. learn more

Session   45 min - 95 €

Miracle Face
Renata França' s Method

With an immediate lifting effect, this facial massage deflates, sculpts the shapes of the face and promotes the natural regeneration of the skin. Its function is to drain engorged tissues providing a redesigned oval and a luminous complexion. With lymphatic drainage maneuvers and a modeling massage, it achieves an immediate impressive result with a lasting effect of over 15 days..

Session  30 min - 60 €

HinokiBõ ® Face Massage

Inherited from a millennial tradition developed in Japan, this exclusive facial massage technique is practiced using a stick (Bõ) of Japanese cypress (Hinoki), a noble wood essence with antiseptic properties. The use of the Hinoki stick enhances the effects of a classic massage as a result of the shape of this particular accessory.

HinokiBõ®, a unique and original treatment, combines the positive effects of acupressure, stimulation of the meridians and lymphatic drainage.  It will delight those who want to revive the radiance of their skin with a detoxifying, draining and relaxing treatment.

Session  45 min - 95 €

Guasha Detox Therapy

An energizing combination that uses manual facial draining and smoothing techniques in conjunction with delicate and precise manipulations of a semi-precious stone of pink quartz, called Guasha. This treatment, and its characteristic hot-cold alternation, will delight you if you are looking for better oxygenated, detoxified and brighter skin and a refreshed, brighter eye area. The energy of rose quartz helps to release negative emotions and will bring you relaxation and serenity.

Guasha is native to China. Used for hundreds of years for medical purposes, today this treatment is proving to be a nugget for your face. learn more

Session  60 min - 125 € *

* Exclusive care by Florence Laval

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