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Workshop Parent-child massage

Workshop for parents and children aged 4-12 years
Learn simple massage techniques that you can both enjoy! The parents and children learn a sequence of movements called ‘La routine’. The movements call on the imagination of the child to help him to learn. The workshops lasts for 2.30 hours. It focuses on the head, forehead, neck, shoulders, arms and hands through your clothes.

The workshop can be organised for three to four participants. Your child will receive a small guide to take home.

  • the opportunity for children to experience dedicated “calming time”,
  • increased self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem,
  • a fun way for families and friends to share time together and connect with each other,
  • the opportunity to encourage children to develop their imagination,
  • an alternative and engaging way of encouraging children to develop a wider vocabulary,
  • the opportunity for children to practically engage in experiences that provide a context for the use of emotional language,
  • individual attention that enhances a child’s awareness of being valued, and brings a sense of self-worth,
  • the relaxation of mind and body, easing tension and the cumulative effects of stress,
  • the promotion of “feel good” hormones including oxytocin, which help to boost general well-being,
  • an increased sensitivity by children of how their own actions and emotions can influence those of others,
  • learning the essential life skill of conscious relaxation through first-hand experience of the benefits of recharging and refreshing mind and body.
Carpet, booklet and pencils are ready ...
Each child personalizes his guide "La Routine"
Privileged moment between parent and child ...
At snack: delicious homemade chocolate bars!
Photos : Florence Laval
Coaching Shoulder tension relief

Perfect for those looking for body awareness and self-relaxation skills or for the management of everyday upper-back and shoulder pain. Throughout the 5 lessons of the course, you will learn to perform exercises that will improve the movement of your joints and help relieve tension.

At the end of each lesson, you will be massaged on the major tension points including the trapezius muscles, the neck, shoulders and shoulder blades. You will also learn how to recognize the different points in order to perform massages for yourself and your loved ones.

This course is suitable for those struggling with chronic pains resulting from bad posture, and rigidity in the upper-back area as well as with those with occasional or permanent tension. Please note that the course is NOT suitable if you have recently suffered from fractures or surgery.

The commitment and the dates of the 5 lessons are to be set at time of registration.


Coaching Flat belly

Strengthen your abdominal muscles without putting pressure on your perineum and learn how to redefine your waist using Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastics. This technique is a "postural – respiratory" therapy that deeply reinforces the abdominal belt and activates the pelvic floor muscles. It works via the contraction of the deep (transversus) abdominal muscles.

This technique also has beneficial effects on
  • digestive transit (constipation),
  • lower back pain (lumbago),
  • venous circulation in the lower limbs,
  • bloating,
  • urinary incontinence.

The exercises can also be performed as part of a post-partum rehabilitation, as they help to repositioning genital organs after delivery. This exercise technique is NOT suitable during pregnancy or in case of arterial hypertension.

In addition, at the end of the session, you will learn the technique to give yourself a palpate-roll massage which will complement and optimise the results of the treatment.


Coaching Daily facelift

Discover your facial muscles and learn precise self-massage techniques which used daily, will
  • relax expression winkles,
  • remodel the oval structure of the face,
  • lift and plump up cheekbones,
  • firm up the skin,
  • brighten your complexion,
  • eliminate signs of fatigue and dark circles under your eyes.

You will also benefit from plenty of personalised tips throughout the course!
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