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For questions or to make an appointment, please send an email to specifying your preferred date and time or fill in the contact form below :
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Request for appointment in Paris for :

Kobido (session of 55 min)
Kobido Absolute Relaxation Massage L'Odaïtès (session of 85 min)
Boost Kobido (session of 30 min)
Face Sculpting (session of 55 min)
Boost Face Sculpting (session of 30 min)
Guasha-Detox (session of 55 min)

Ayurvédique Abhyanga Massage (session of 55 min)
Tui Na Massage (session of 55 min)
Relaxing Massage (session of 30 min)

Slimming Massage - Abdominal (session of 30 min)
Slimming Massage - Thighs-Buttocks (session of 45 min)
Flat Belly + Palpate Roll (session of 55 min)
Workshops & Coaching

"Daily facelift" lessons (session of 55 min)
Coaching "Guasha-Detox" (session of 30 min)
Workshops "Baby massage Shantala" (session of 90 min)

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