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These organic bamboo wipes are perfect for gently remove your facial cleanser, as oil or even your scrub.
Only bought at the salon.

Masks, patches & serum
Malou & Marius is a brand of cosmetics for men and women 100% French manufacturing, specializing in face masks "single dose".
Their masks are based on ingredients of natural origin, minimum 94%. Paraben free not tested on animals.

Malou & Marius evolves in an offbeat brand spirit and
declines three ranges of masks and patches :
The range of bio-cellulosic masks : these masks come from the natural fermentation of coconut water.
They are so fine that they adhere perfectly to the shape of the face by a second skin effect. 8ml of serum are impregnated in each mask.
The range of facial masks in tissus : each mask is richly impregnated with 23 ml of serum.
Its specific shape of cut, thanks to the notches for the ears, reinforces the adhesion and the immediate tightening effect.
Hydrogel eyes patches : their unique texture is composed of natural polymers.
They form a fresh gel for a better diffusion of the assets.

Malou & Marius also offer a full range of essential treatments : a real beauty ritual, essential make-up products, with natural and effective ingredients.
Only bought at the salon.

The products

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