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Photos : Florence Laval


These organic bamboo wipes are perfect for gently remove your facial cleanser, as oil or even your scrub.
Only bought at the salon.

Photo : Florence Laval

Masks, patches & serum

Malou & Marius is a must-have French brand.
I’ve tried them myself and have fallen in love with their masks and eye patches (the best i have ever tried ).

Malou & Marius have created an absolutely amazing range of masks + patches. Their eye serum is extremely easy to apply, the mild cleansing water (which does much more) adds elasticity to your skin, their luscious exfoliating gel leaves your skin oh so soft, and their moisturizing cream is the "crème de le crème". All natural ingredients: immediately visible results !

And they haven’t forgotten the men! Gentlemen, try their mask, specially created for you!
Only bought at the salon.

Photos : Florence Laval

The products

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