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Ayurvedic massage Abhyanga

An anti-stress Indian massage performed with warm organic vegetal and essential oils.

During the massage, the marmas (vital points) are stimulated in order to boost the flow of the prana (vital energy).
This massage technique promotes a general physical and mental well-being and is particularly recommended for stressed and nervous people.

This holistic traditional massage enhances the vital energy. When performed regularly, it :
  • facilitates venous and lymphatic circulation,
  • boosts the immune and nervous system,
  • helps to eliminate toxins,
  • hydrates the skin,
  • helps muscle relaxation,
  • softens the joints,
  • helps insomnia or fatigue, calms the mind.

The Abhyanga massage promotes relaxation and harmony. It helps you to let go via a combination of alternating circular and slide pressure, friction and stretching at a moderate and fluid pace.


Tui Na Massage

Tui Na. The traditional Chinese massage.

This massage technique unlocks the free and unrestricted flow of energy (Chi or Qi)  through the meridians that cross the body. The massage consists of using the thumbs, the hands, the forearms and the elbows to perform precise movements, such as frictions, tapping, pushing, rubbing, stretching, pinching, vibrations, …).

Tui Na :
  • strengthens the organism,
  • balances the energy,
  • adjusts the organs’ functions,
  • increases well-being and body and mind health,
  • is particularly appropriate for digestive, back, shoulder, neck and fatigue problems.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended to have a session every 3 weeks.

The day after the massage, some muscle soreness may be felt.


Relaxing Massage

The relaxing massage is a tailor-made massage. Care is taken to adapt the massage technique to fit your needs and tensions.


Sports Massage

The objective of sports massage is to manage persistent muscle shortenings and restore the natural mechanical function of the muscle, to loosen adhesions that cause pain or movement limitations. This massage has an action on muscles and fascias. It is made with the entire surface of the hand, forearm and elbows and combines different techniques:  
  • Preparation (myo-facial release technique)
  • Warming (effleurages, vibrations, frictions, percussions), in order to make the muscles warmer and more supple
  • Deep tissue (palpate-roll, kneading, crushing and compression)
  • Neuromuscular work on trigger points
  • Drainage to clean toxins stored in tissues
  • Stretching

At the beginning of the massage, after an exchange with Florence Laval, the areas to be treated (max 3) are agreed. Two types of treatment are available:
30-minute session: 1 zone
1-hour session: 2 to 3 zones
In both cases, the force of the manipulations is progressive in order to warm up the muscles and avoid spasms. This is an intense massage that can be painful and can lead to great fatigue after the session, proof that the body is recovering and eliminating. It is important to take care of yourself after the massage and drink plenty.

The benefits
Sports massage is recommended:
after a sporting effort
during the training period
for people suffering from chronic tension
for anyone who wants to regain more flexibility and mobility
in case of injuries, to help break up the newly formed healing tissue that can make recovery more difficult and lead to stiffness

This massage is not recommended 72 hours before a sporting feat.

1x per week until the pain disappears then 1x per month for prevention


Slimming massage palpate-roll
& lymphatic drainage

Eliminate fatty tissues and firm up your skin with the palpate-roll massage.

This manually performed palpate-roll massage technique decongests clogged zones, softens tissues and activates the blood and lymphatic flow, in order to eliminate fatty tissues.  The technique consists of rolling the skin fold and the subcutaneous tissues in order to help lipolysis (breakdown and elimination of stored fat by the body's cells). The initial sessions can be slightly painful, however, overtime, the massage becomes more enjoyable.

This slimming massage works efficiently on all kinds of cellulite (aqueous, fat, infiltrated). However, the aqueous cellulite is the easiest to treat with the fastest results. After the initial sessions, the skin is visibly firmer. Then, after 5-6 sessions, the sponginess (orange peel) begins to disappear and you could even lose a few centimeters. The palpate-roll helps eliminate the adipocyte (waterlogged and fatty cells); For optimal results, a healthy lifestyle is crucial during and after the cure, because those cells are just waiting to be filled again!
The manual lymphatic drainage is an excellent complement to the palpate-roll: it stimulates and facilitates the lymph flow.

This technique aims to :
  • drain excess liquids,
  • clear toxins from the body,
  • relieve heavy legs,
  • enhance the immune system.

The massage is performed via soft, slow and regular pressure on the area to be treated.


Flat Belly Massage
The "Flat Belly" session combines the following massage techniques

  • palpate-roll
  • lymphatic drainage
  • abdominal massage
  • digitopuncture

with the hypopressive gymnastics’ techniques.
Its purpose is to:

  • tone the abdominal muscles
  • deflate the belly
  • relieve bloating
  • eliminate toxins
  • facilitate transit
  • avoid constipation problems
  • firm tissues
The session begins with a 30 min massage. Afterwards, the therapist will teach you a series of exercises adapted to your needs.


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