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The art of KOBIDO

This ancestral  facial massage has been renowned for several centuries in Japan as one of the best facial care techniques . Discovered only few years ago in the Western World, this beauty ritual was once reserved only for Empresses. Unlike other occidental facial massages, it seeks not only to improve the quality of the skin, but also reaches deep into the muscle structure and the vital energy (Ki). By working directly on the acupressure points and the meridians that are located on the face, Kobido improves the circulation of the Ki, while balancing and aligning the condition of the internal organs. The benefits of Kobido provide more than just a simple facial care: they improve the overall health and well being.

In Japan, beauty is the reflection of good physical, psychological and spiritual health. The face is the most visible indicator of the Ki’s condition. Therefore, a beautiful glowing face can only be achieved if the Ki is balanced.

Kobido, dating back to the 15th Century, is the most ancient and the most technical of Japanese massage techniques. It was created during a competition between two masters of “Anma” (an antique Chinese massage). The competition which lasted for months, involved performing facial treatments using one of the most difficult Anma techniques, “Kyoku-te”.  During the competition, the two masters, recognizing each others respective skills decided to join forces and work together to create a new house called “Kobido”. They established 48 techniques, each of which involves many variants: Today, Kobido features more than a thousand different techniques which have been passed down from masters to students across generations.

Dr Shogo Mochizuki, who trained Florence Laval, is the 26th Generation Master of the Kobido art form and one of the three heirs of the house and lineage of Kobido. Currently, only about 50 practitioners (including Mrs. Laval) are trained in the art of Kobido in Europe.

A natural facelift

Kobido is like a dancing of fingers, floating upon your face. The different movements performed with precision on every inch of your skin involve a complex blend of stroking, kneading, tapping, vibrations and pressures. The massage is smooth, subtle and deep - depending on the nature of the skin and on the area to be treated.

A gentle stroking motion establishes the first contact with the face and heats up the skin. The kneading of the skin releases the fascia and other connective tissues, while relaxing the muscles and smoothening out facial wrinkles. A series of fast, subtle tapping movements invigorates the muscles, activates the microcirculation, releases the toxins and impacts the production of collagen. As a result of vibrations, the lymph is drained and the toxins are expelled. This technique contributes significantly to the facelift-effect. The pressure on the skin stimulates the energy points related to the organs and the nervous system, thus improving the overall health status.


Face Sculpting is an innovative anti-aging method that is highly prized by stars. It offers a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery thanks to its instant lifting effect. This treatment offers a sculpting effect thanks to a double external and intrabucal massage, which allows you to work on all the muscles of the face.

The session begins with a facial preparation: a cleansing, scrubbing and application of hot towels are followed by a stretching of the base of the skull which allows the release of cranial tensions. Then, a very deep facial and neckline massage will stimulate the 57 facial muscles and unblock the tensions that cause facial tension. This first part, external, helps to tone and sculpt the face. It acts like a real muscle stretching! In a second step, equipped with sterile gloves, the therapist performs an intraoral massage. She slips her index finger into her mouth to reach the subcutaneous muscles, while working on the external part. Thanks to this technique, perioral wrinkles and the nasolabial fold are reduced, for a guaranteed anti-aging effect.

  • Natural lifting: the skin of the face regains radiance, suppleness and elasticity
  • Reduces perioral, nasolabial, frontal and crow's feet wrinkles
  • Prevents and reduces double chin, sagging of the lower cheeks
  • Acts as a fitness session for the face
  • Prevents the appearance of new wrinkles
  • Replump the lips
  • Restores and tones the natural oval of the face
  • Drains tissues and eliminates toxins
  • Reduces facial tensions, especially in the masseters
  • Is recommended after paresthesia of the Trigeminal nerve
  • Physiological and emotional detoxifying effect

The lifting effect is visible from the first session. For a lasting effect, it is advisable to book 1 session per week for 6 weeks, then every 2 weeks for 2 weeks and finally once a month for a regular reactivation of benefits.


with Nüssa Precious Oils

Guasha is native to China. Used for hundreds of years for medical purposes, today this treatment is proving to be a nugget for your face.

Guasha-Detox Care combines manual deep draining and smoothing maneuvers with the delicate and precise handling of a rose quartz Guasha. An alternation of hot and cold accentuates the relaxing effect of the massage. Nüssa oil is a precious oil from Marula whose delicate olfactory scents are particularly well suited to care for. The massage continues with acupressure and ends with the application of a unique mask woven with Pink Quartz stone covering your face and bust.

The precious oil of Marula Nüssa
Woven mask of Pink Quartz
Delicate and precise ...
... manipulations of a ...
... Pink Guasha Quartz

Benefits : a rejuvenated and purified face
  • This treatment acts on energies and lymphatic circulation to drain, evacuate toxins, stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate your skin. It is a powerful detoxifier that reduces imperfections and cleanses the skin.
  • It allows in a few sessions to regain a more luminous skin.
  • Its specific shape allows to work locally in depth in the wrinkle in order to prevent it from deepening further and to have a maximum relaxation in the fibre. Wrinkles benefit from preventive and curative actions.
  • It also contributes to the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
  • It tones the skin's support muscles, while plumping your face back up.
  • Carried out on the eye contour area, it harmonizes energy flows and circulation. It reduces the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.
A "Guasha-Detox" Coaching session
Choose a lasting effect: extend the treatment by learning how to use the Guasha in a simple personalized routine and good anti-aging gestures. Book an additional 30 minutes.

Pink Quartz, this semi-precious stone linked to the heart chakra, will bring you softness and serenity. The energy of the GuaSha will release toxic emotions and fill your heart with universal love. An invitation to stop time and live in the present moment.


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