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Florence Laval is a graduate physiotherapist. She obtained her degree in 1999 in Belgium and has continued to educate herself in the field of well-being since then. She has been trained directly by Doctor Shogo Mochizuki, 26th Generation Master of the House and Lineage of Kobido. She is actually undergoing the 5th level of teaching, which is the highest in Europe.

At the moment, only about fifty practitioners are trained to the art of Kobido. Florence Laval is the only practitioner in the Netherlands.

As a result of numerous training courses undertaken throughout her career, she has developed a global therapeutic care, with a holistic and esthetic approach aimed at finding balance and harmony. The Kobido massage is comparable to a feather enveloping your face from the beginning to the end of the treatment, procuring an overall sensation of blissful relaxation and a rejuvenated skin. This particular art of massage represents the culmination of Florence Laval’s search for integral well-being, which can be experienced through the care she dispenses with passion and expertise.
Career historys

Degree in Physiotherapy - Liège

Manual lymphatic drainage - Liège, O. Leduc

2ooo - 2oo1
Caycedo method of Sophrology - Bruxelles, 4th level, Dr Debelle

2oo1 - 2oo2
Perineal reeducation - Liège, L. Dabbadie

2oo3 - 2oo4
Mézières Method - Paris, AMIK

2oo5 - 2oo6 - 2oo7
Muscular Chaines - Arras, APGDS, Ph. Campignon

South African plantar reflexology - IFS
Amma chair massage - IFS

Abhyanga ayurvedic massage - Paris, Azenday
Shantala baby massage according to Ayurbeda - Paris, Azenday

Foot massage with kansu bowl - Paris, A Cros
Pregnancy massage according to Ayurveda - Paris, Azenday

Massage instructor course at school - Montpellier , MISP,
Hypopressive abdominal exercise - Paris, M. Caufriez

Niromaté method - Paris, T. Vandorme, R. Branly

2o15 - 2o16
Traditional chinese massage Tui Na An Mo - Sarzeau, T. Boutin

Slimming acupressure - Vannes, C. Salomon

2o16 - 2o17
Kobido - Paris, Dr Shogo degree

Deep Tissue - Paris, Biopulse
Guasha Massage - Paris, D. Langlois
Sculptural Face Lifting - Paris, Y. Gershkovich  
Hinokibo - Paris, Bloom Classic

2o19 - 2o2o
Keratopraxie - Perpignan, Dr Janka (in progress)

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