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Body Massages
Florence Laval® Signature
Head Release (scalp & neck)

A restorative treatment to help you unwind, calm a tense mind and find inner relaxation. The treatment combines deep breathing techniques with the stimulation of acupressure points on the head and face to release cranial tension. This massage has beneficial effects on migraines and calms the mind by improving the circulation of Qi energy. We particularly recommend this massage for you if you find yourself in a permanent state of anxiety or if you are tense and unable to let go and put your mind and body to rest, or if you sometimes feel on the verge of cracking.  You will emerge restored and refreshed so don't wait any longer to reconnect to the moment.

Session  30 min - 45 €

Florence Laval® Signature
Body Release
(release tension, liberate your energy)

This body massage combines precise and powerful movements inspired by the Tuina massage and is also gentle and delicate in attention and kindness to feel the energy needs of the body.  To start, your therapist performs a combination of stretching and acupressure manoeuvers to stimulate the body’s energy flow. Then follows an oil massage conducted using thumbs, hands, forearms and elbows to offer you a truly relaxing experience.   The Body Release Massage, strengthens the organism and is ideal for those wanting to releasing stress and tension and re-establish a connection with their bodies.  A true gift to oneself that leaves you regenerated and reconnected with your potential.

Session  45 min - 60 € / 60 min - 80 € / 75 min - 95 € / 90 min - 110 €

Ayurvédique Abhyanga Massage

During the massage, the marmas (vital points) are stimulated in order to boost the flow of the prana (vital energy). This massage technique promotes a general physical and mental well-being and is particularly recommended for stressed and nervous people. It helps you to let go via a combination of alternating circular and slide pressure, friction and stretching at a moderate and fluid pace. With warm oil.

This holistic traditional massage enhances the vital energy. When performed regularly, it facilitates venous and lymphatic circulation, helps to eliminate toxins, boosts the immune and nervous system, hydrates the skin, helps muscle relaxation, helps insomnia or fatigue.

Session  75 min - 95 €

HinokiBõ ® Body Detox

Imported from Japan, this full body massage has the particularity of being mainly carried out using a stick (Bõ) crafted from the noble Japanese Cypress Hinoki, crafted from. The effects of a traditional massage are multiplied.

With the HinokiBõ ®, your therapist performs acupressure movements all over your body, which dispel fatigue and stress. The massage stimulates the meridians to circulate vital energy and uses lymphatic drainage movements to eliminate toxins.

This massage is ideal if you are looking for a treatment that is both deeply relaxing, but which will also sculpt your figure by stimulating the production of collagen for firmer skin. It relieves tension in the back, shoulders and legs, reduces the feeling of heavy legs, firms tissues throughout the body and defines your waist and the defines the curve of your legs

Session  75 min - 130 €

Sport Massage

The objective of the Sports Massage is to alleviate persistent muscle shortenings and restore the muscle’s natural mechanical function as well as to loosen adhesions that cause pain or limit movement. This massage acts on both the muscles and fascias. The massage is performed using the entire surface of the hand, the forearms and the elbows and combines different techniques: myo-facial release, effleurages, vibrations, frictions, percussions, deep tissue techniques, trigger points, drainage et stretching.

Initially, a consultation with the therapist defines the areas to be treated (max 3). Two types of treatment are available (30-minute session: 1 zone or 1-hour session: 2 to 3 zones ). This is a vigorous massage that can be painful and may leave you feeling extremely fatigued after the session. This is a result of the body’s recovery and elimination process. It is important to take care of yourself and drink plenty of fluids after the massage.

The Sports Massage is recommended after a sporting effort and during the training period, for people suffering from chronic tension or for anyone who would like to regain increased flexibility and mobility. For recovery after injuries, the Sports Massage helps break up the newly formed healing tissue that can make the recovery process more difficult and lead to stiffness.

This massage is not recommended 72 hours prior to a sporting event.

Frequency : 1x per week until the pain disappears then 1x per month for prevention.

Session  60 min (2 to 3 zones) - 80 €  /  30 min (1 zone) - 45 €

Kansu Bowl Foot Massage

The kansu bowl foot massage is a traditional indian massage.

The bowl is made of three metals (copper,  zinc, bronze) and it is used to massage the pressure points on the feet with ghee (clarified butter). The massage is beneficial for one’s psychological well-being. It reduces anxiety and depression and releases repressed anger and stress. It re-harmonises heat in the whole body and brings peace. It stimulates the circulatory system, thereby increasing your energy levels and metabolism. This massage is highly recommended for postpartum difficulties. It restores the mother’s energy and allows for better sleep and vitality.

The session starts with warm towels and a leg and foot oil massage, then the kansu bowl massage with ghee followed warm towels.

Session  45 min - 70 €

Child-Teenager Massage

This Massage is recommended for children aged 6 yrs old and upwards. Prior to this age, I recommend that you try the parent-child or baby workshops which teach you massage techniques for toddlers and babies. From aged 6, children can enjoy this relaxing massage of 30 or 45 minutes which is performed with the utmost care. Mom or Dad can, are of ourse welcome to watch the massage.

The massage will be adapted according to the age of the child. The session always begins with an exchange with the children to explain the techniques that will be used and how the massage will be performed.

The massage has multiple benefits including : increasing the body awareness, relaxing muscles, reducing pain, stimulating the lymphatic, digestive and cardiovascular systems. It also promotes sleep, lowers stress levels by blocking cortisol and stimulating oxytocyne, the well-being hormone.

This relaxing child-teen massage is strongly recommended in periods of stress, sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, stomach aches, muscle tension... Developed for them, this massage will allow them to learn to relax and to feel good mentally and physically.
Session  45 min - 50 €

Body Assessment

A full body massage to get to know your body in light of its strength and weakness. So you can understand your body more. To know which parts of your body need the stretch to lengthen and relax. And which parts need to be strengthened. Which parts need to be drained and the parts that needs to be shaped. According to the assessment we can develop a program to help serve your specific needs. We can determine whether you need to follow a detox or diet. Which exercises and sports would be best for you. And which treatments and habits will help you attain the balance you seek.

Session  75 min - 100 €

Jaw Release

The TMJ treatment is a deep tissue face, head, neck and shoulder massage. It helps in releasing the soreness in the muscles and stiffness in the joints related to the disorder. It reduces headaches, pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Reducing tension in the jaws, grinding or clenching the teeth. This helps increasing range of motion, and thus reduces pain among chewing, yawning and eating solid food. It helps cure sinusitis and It can also enhance eyesight and hearing.

You can also complete your treatment with a session of TMJ self-care. In this session, you will also learn about the disorder, the habits and exercises required to help eliminate the disorder and it’s symptoms.
TMJ Release Massage   60 min - 80 €
TMJ Release Self-Care 60 min - 75 €

The Deep Detox & Relaxation Massage

Will give you a unique experience from which you will emerge deeply relaxed but also regenerated and rehydrated.

This massage promotes general relaxation, relieves muscle tension and improves fluidity and range of motion. Deeper pressures relax tight muscles and can also lower blood pressure and loosen scar tissue, as well as relieve the side effects of chronic stress.

It is also intended to stimulate the lymphatic system, which makes it easier for the body to eliminate toxins.

The Deep Detox & Relaxation Massage is recommended if you want to:
- Boost the natural functioning of your immune system
- Improve the quality of your skin
- Find a calm and relaxed breathing
- Clarify your thoughts
- Reduce your stress level and feel a deep inner calm

Session  75 min - 95 €

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